There are three things you can do today to protect your digital memories

1. Update your
legacy settings

It takes just five minutes to log in to your digital accounts, update the legacy settings and protect your digital memories.

2. Talk to your family and friends

A short conversation with your loved ones can help you protect your digital memories. We've created a guide to help.

3. Share the

By sharing the video on your social channels you will help us spread the word and educate more people on the importance of protecting digital assets.

We would love to hear from you

Have you experienced difficulties accessing a loved one’s digital memories? We’d love to hear from you. We are working to highlight issues with service providers and governments and your experiences can make a real difference.

Read Linzi’s story about how her family struggled to access her brother’s precious photos after his death.

What needs to change?

While some service providers have produced tools and some countries have introduced laws to address the issues families face gaining access to their loved ones’ digital assets, a lot more needs to be done.

Find out what we are doing in this area and what you can do to support this work.